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740 / 760 / 780 Turbo
 VACUUM / BOOST Gauge Face

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for the Volvo 740/760/780 Turbo
Factory Instrument Cluster

 Original Stock
Gauge Face

Found in most 
740/760/780 Turbos.
Style #
1 "Turbo"

  740/760/780 Turbo
NEW GAUGE FACE Style #2 "Boost"
  740/760/780 Turbo
Style #
3 "bar"

  740/760/780 Turbo

This new gauge face installs in THIS style 740/760/780 Turbo instrument cluster. (Click photo to enlarge)

This is an upgraded replacement GAUGE FACE for your factory 740/760/780 Turbo Boost Gauge that you install yourself in about an hour. 
It will fit Turbo models that have the separate turbo gauge in the dash, like the instrument cluster shown above.

It WILL NOT fit this later style instrument cluster.

Detailed directions for installation BELOW.

Customer comments:
"...the numbered boost face was way better quality than I had hoped for!!  Looks just like O.E., only better!!"  JCM, Garland, TX

It has been several years since I developed this face and customer feedback has been very positive.  During the initial testing/prototype period of development, many prototype kits were tested on 740 Turbos.  Many of these installations resulted in great feedback and a positive prototype evolution of this gauge face.  This face has now been in use all over the world for a number of years.  You will be pleased with this upgrade.

Accuracy of this Gauge Face
With the testing that has been done, I have found some minor variations in the factory turbo gauges that were produced for 700 turbos.  These variations were not a problem for OEM gauges that had no printed numbers for boost and vacuum measurements, but now that measurement numbers have been added, it is possible that some gauges will be not be 100% accurate.  This will be something to consider if you demand absolute perfection, but even many of the so-called "calibrated" boost gauges from high-end manufacturers are found to have less than perfect accuracy.  I have found this NOT to be a significant problem for this face, because so far I have found the most inaccurate gauges to be off by LESS THAN 1 PSI.

Night Time Viewing and Backlighting
This new gauge face is been made using a translucent plastic material, similar to the factory face.  It retains the backlighting effect that your original gauges do. 
However, the nighttime backlighting of this face may appear slightly less than perfect . . .  here's the explanation.  The backlighting of a Volvo 700 series instrument cluster relies on a series of clear plastic prisms behind the gauges that reflect light from only a couple small bulbs.  This makes getting even lighting very difficult when adding numbers like I've done.  Lighting may appear a little uneven where portions of the gauge structure behind the face tend to block light to new areas in the face that were not present before.  This has been a MINOR concern.  I have sold dozens of these and so far ALL customers have provided positive experiences.

Click here for On-Line instructions. 
The installation is pretty simple.  It involves the removal of the instrument cluster and then the removal of the turbo gauge from the back of the cluster, so that the old gauge face can be removed and this new one installed.


Online Payments
Order Info 
You may purchase this 740/760/780 Turbo Boost Upgrade Face for the humble price of 
$20.00 (USD) plus shipping
USA First Class Mail NOT INSURED: $2.50
USA First Class Mail INSURED: $4.00
USA Priority Mail INSURED: $7.00

CANADA First Class Mail INSURED:  $5.00
CANADA Priority Mail International INSURED: $19.00

First Class INTERNATIONAL, all countries INSURED:  $7.00
 Priority Mail INTERNATIONAL, all countries INSURED:  $25.00

Kit includes: One new gauge face.
Detailed instructions found HERE.
(Please choose Style 1, 2 or 3)


740 Turbo/Boost face
Price: $20.00
Choose Style 1, 2 or 3:


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